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Safety Seminars and Educational Programs

Safety Seminars & Educational Programs

Staying on top of the ever-changing safety and environmental standards can be challenging. We’re here to help you meet requirements, learn best practices and increase employee skill level to improve productivity, efficiency and safety.

Join us for a 45-60 minute seminar designed specifically to address safety procedures as they apply to you and your business.

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Available Seminars and Programs

Lifting Devices Inspection – presented by Lift-All

Learn industrial sling design, application, and safe use through instruction, video, and demonstration and have your chains and slings inspected.

Adhesive, Sealant and Bonding Survey – presented by 3M

Discover significant, documented improvements in equipment reliability in your Manufacturing Reliability Process (MRP).

C-Clamp and Vise Safety Seminar – presented by Wilton

Examine the safe working practices surrounding vises and clamps with an emphasis on identifying and eliminating hazards.

Lockout/Tagout Seminar – presented by Brady

Review of OSHA requirements with a video illustration of non-compliance consequences and hear expert recommendations on attaining compliance.

Coatings Safety Seminar – presented by Sherwin Williams

Focus on safety procedures, non-slip in-plant applications, OSHA regulations review, and VOC compliance with an in-plant presentation and discussion.

Personal Hand Protection and Safety Seminar – presented by PIP, Banom, Liberty or Memphis

Evaluate appropriate glove selection for your application with a discussion and demonstration, highlighting the latest technological developments in glove material.

Heat Stress Seminar – presented by Sqwincher and Occunomix

Increase protection and productivity against heat-related injuries while reducing employers risk of lost time and medical compensation.

Fall Protection Safety Seminar – presented by Honeywell and 3M

Breakdown OSHA industrial and construction standards as you assess safe working practices surrounding fall prevention, confined spaces with inspection and training.

Leak and Spill Control Seminar – presented by Sorbent Products Corporation/Brady

Review current OSHA standards and learn best practices for leak and spill containment including clean up, disposal, minimizing damage and stopping further contamination.

Basic Ergonomics for Hand Tool Users Seminar – presented by Armstrong or Stanley

Gain the full benefit of a formal ergonomics program examining ergonomics principles to improve worker safety and comfort to produce a more effective workplace.

Power Tool Safety Seminar – presented by Dewalt and Milwaukee

Master safe working practices surrounding hand electric power tools such as drills, saws, sanders, routers and grinders.

Flammable Liquid Storage Seminar and/or Survey – presented by Justrite or Lyon

Review the proper storage, transfer, use and disposal (S.T.U.D.) of hazardous liquids. A complementary facility survey follows the training session.

Bandsaw Tune-up and Seminar – presented by Lenox

Become more efficient with bandsaw operation and have your machines evaluated and adjusted so every blade will cut smoother, straighter and faster.

Stormwater Management – presented by Ultratech

Review relevant legislation at both federal and state level regarding stormwater runoff and the measures of prevention.

Occupational Dermatitis Prevention – presented by Deb

Learn the causes and prevention of the second most common type of occupational disease in industry.

Ladder Safety Seminar – presented by Werner Co.

Discover the do’s and don’ts of proper equipment utilization, OSHA/ANSI standards, and maintenance and inspections of equipment through instruction and demonstration.

Respirator Fit Testing by 3M

Meet requirements for mandatory-use respirator fit testing of all tight-fitting facepieces; also recommended for voluntary use.

Hearing Conservation by 3M

Evaluate noise levels in the workplace, selection of a hearing protector for your work environment and increase employee utilization compliance.

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