Variable Lockers

The SnapVend Locker is a sturdy companion to the SnapVend Coil Machine. It is tethered to the coil machine which usually acts as the controlling unit. 95% of all placements in major tool and safety vending operations is the combination of a coil machine and one or more lockers. The Variable Locker has 18 doors of variable sizes. Rugged and well lit with LEDs for easy product identification and power savings, the locker system has flexibilities like check-in and check-out, simple configuration changing, and expandability.

Variable Lockers


  • SNAPV-18 Door
  • Varied 3 Size Doors
  • 7.875" H X 11.25" W
  • 11.5" H X 11.25" W
  • 22.5" H X 11.25"W
  • 24" Deep

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