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Virtual Machines

For use when a machine is not needed, but control and accountability are

Virtual Machines are an affordable solution to help manage the inventory in your tool room or crib, without employing full time employees or utilizing expensive hardware and software. Losses can be substantial, virtual vending machines can save you uop to 30% - 40% at a fraction of the cost of other solutions out there.

Virtual Vending Machines


  • Select Item - Users select the item(s) they want or scan a barcode on a pick sheet along with the quantity desired.
  • Get Item - Employee takes the chosen item(s).
  • Returns Item - The employee scans or enters ID, presses the Returns button, and a list of items to be returned by that employee is displayed.
  • Transactions Recorded - Employees show on the screen. The employee scans in or enters ID, presses the Returns button, a list of items to be returned by that.
  • Optional PIN - A PIN can also be used, as well as prompts to track overhead data like Department #, Job #, Customer #, Department # etc.

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